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-DJ Rudy w Rhythm N Ritmo -
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INterested in having Latin and American music for your event?

INterested in having a fun yet elegant reception? is what's IN!


INvolved with all your planning needs.

INteractive with your guests.

INterested in what YOU have INvisioned.

IN the DJ Entertainment business for over 20 years.

INterested in providing the best and latest Latin and American music.

IN step with the competition.


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We want to welcome you "IN" our family!

Rhythm N Ritmo frequently Asked Questions

We offer wedding solutions for your wedding reception. If you are ready to discuss the details of your event call or text Rudy at 347.231.5343.

  • Do you have Insurance?
    Yes, we do carry insurance witch most venues require. Once you have provided the fax number or e-mail address where to send it to, we will take care of providing our insurance policy to the facility.

  • Is there a fee to book an event?
    Yes. There is a retainer fee for all the packages. Once you get this to us, we are all yous; GARANTEED!

  • What guarantees my event date? (the extended version)
    Your retainer fee will guarantee your date. Once we have received it, we will reserve the day and we are yours for the agreed day and times. After our initial meeting, you have 7 days to return your contract with a signature and retainer fee. Please note after your 7 days have lapsed, we cannot hold the date; first come, first served.

  • Why are your rates more reasonable than the other?
    We are a small company so we pass the savings on to you. We will not lie to you, we are not the most inexpensive DJ company but we are not also the most expesive. We believe we are in the low-middle range and give you value for you dollar.

  • Why are your prices lower than the others? (the extended version)
    This is a SINGLE EVENT business operation, so at the time of your event, we will not be also thinking how another event is turning out. Our attention is strictly focused to your day and your event! Please note that just because we are only working a single event at a time there is only one DJ available in case of a health issue or worse. We have been in the business long enough to have relationships with other DJs and DJ companies to prevent any event from taking place. Please note that our policy is to NOT subcontract unless absolutely necessary. Now the answer to the above question is "overhead". Someone has to pay this. These are expenses that you will not be told about but that every business has. These expenses will be included in the fees the DJ companies will charge. Yes, they do invite you to their office, and although some are very nicely decoder, just think is your reception going to take place there? Who pays for the office? You do. We, on the other hand, set up meeting at our home office, at your home or at a convenient place for all of us, thus reducing the fees for the same services that other DJ companies provide. An added benefit is that there is no closing time to get to the office, the time to meet will be as flexible as possible to meet your schedule. Do not be mistaken that a fancy office will make or brake the success of your event. Experience, Talent, Emcee ability, service coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality will. We do have all these qualities and tools available for you.

  • What equipment is provided?
    The equipment that we use is strictly professional. We no longer use turntables, tape decks or CD player. We try to keep up with what is current in technology for the business. We use top of the line laptops with 2 types of DJ softwares. Why is this important? Technology is not 100% flawless and at times requires updates, should an update make the software malfunction, there is always the other program to run and keep the event going. Chances for both of both DJ programs to have software updates at the same time are slim to none. Lights and other equipment for reception, ceremony or cocktail hour are also available.

  • How extensive is your music library?
    On bi-lingual events we carry 1000's of titles in MP3 and MP4 format of #1 hit songs. Our library covers from the 50's to today's top 40's including and not limited to Dance, House, Club, Disco, Freestyle, Classic Oldies, Motown, R & B, Hip-Hop (Clean Versions), and Reggae. On the Spanish side we also carry everything, including Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cumbias, Vallenatos, Baladas and your favorite Boleros.

  • Will you play the songs that I have choosen?
    YES! That is our mission, play what you want! The only time we go away from your playlist is when its not getting the guests up on the dance floor. From our experience we will get things going and then go back to your list.

  • How far are you willing to travel and do you have a travel fee?
    Within 50 miles from us, there is no travel fee required. We are willing to travel up to a maximum one-way travel of 2 hours or approximately 100 miles. Yes, a travel charge applies if your event is over 50 miles. Travel fee is $100.00

  • Do you take special request?
    Absolutely! You may also want to think if it's ok for us to take requests from your guests and also if you want to generate a "do not play list".

  • Is it a one man or two man team?
    All wedding packages prices are for a 2 man team. For non-wedding events of 100 guests or more, an assistant is required. You can also opt for an additional DJ professional for an extra $100.00.

  • How soon prior to the event can I meet with you?
    After our initial meeting, we will send you an e-mail confirming that we received your retainer fee (with an updated contract that will include such fee) and we would like to keep in touch with you as required. Our last meeting with you should be within the month of the event; specially if you have alot of music requests. We cannot guarantee to have all your music request if they are not in at 30 days to your event.

  • When do we go over the line up of my bridal party?
    We should have a copy of your bridal party, with your 1st dance, bridal dance (if applicable), parent dances and any other "MUST HAVE" songs prior to our meeting or conversation of Question above. YOU WILL BE PROVIDED A WORKSHEET TO FILL OUT. The worksheet is in the order things will be taking place through out your event.

We offer wedding solutions for your wedding reception. If you are ready to discuss the details of your event call or text Rudy at 347.231.5343.

(Courtesy of the American DJ Association)

Disc Jockey rates vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality. Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from $350.00 to over $5,000.00 with an average of $1,200.00 for a 4 hour booking.

The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight.

A full-service disc jockey company will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for "4 hours". Consultations, music purchasing & editing, preparation, set-up and tear-down, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.

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